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Note: Matches in Red Indicate Conference Contests; Bold Indicates Victor
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Date Away Score Home Score    
Jan. 6 Rutgers-Newark Lewis
  St. Francis Ohio State
  Quincy Harvard
Jan. 7 Rutgers-Newark Quincy
  Lewis Harvard
Jan. 10 Rutgers-Newark Ball State
Jan. 11 Rutgers-Newark Ohio State
Jan. 12 St. Francis Penn State
Jan. 14 Ball State Penn State
  E. Stroudsburg D'Youville
  Juniata IPFW
  Lees McCrae George Mason
  Mount Olive NJIT
Jan. 15 Ball State St. Francis
  E. Stroudsburg D'Youville
Jan. 16 Mt. Olive E. Stroudsburg
Jan. 18 George Mason Sagrado
  Penn State Hawaii
Jan. 19 George Mason U. of PR--Mayaguez
  Newbury Springfield
  UCLA Penn State
Jan. 20 E. Stroudsburg Mercyhurst
  George Mason U. of PR--Rio Piedras
  NJIT Lewis
  Penn State Ohio State
  Rivier Springfield
Jan. 21 E. Stroudsburg Niagara
  NJIT Loyola
  NYU Stevens Tech
  Endicott NYU
  St. Francis D'Youville
Jan. 24 NYU E. Stroudsburg
Jan. 25 Springfield Sacred Heart
Jan. 26 U. of PR--Mayaguez George Mason
Jan. 27 E. Stroudsburg Juniata
  New Paltz NJIT
  NYU Penn State
  St. Francis U. of PR-Mayaguez
  Rutgers-Newark George Mason
  Springfield Ball State
Jan. 28 NYU Juniata
  Rutgers-Newark U. of PR-Mayaguez
  St. Francis George Mason
  St. Francis Rutgers-Newark
  U. of PR--Mayaguez George Mason
  Springfield Ball State
  Lees McCrae Vassar
Jan. 30 Princeton Hope Int.
  U. of PR--Mayaguez Harvard
Jan. 31 Juniata Mercyhurst
  NYU Vassar
  Princeton UC Irvine
Feb. 1 E. Stroudsburg NJIT
  Princeton UC San Diego
  Springfield Harvard
  Stevens Tech Sacred Heart
Feb. 2 George Mason Ohio State
  Princeton Cal Baptist
  Sacred Heart NYU
Feb. 3 George Mason Loyola-Chicago
  Southern Cal NJIT
  Harvard Rutgers-Newark
  Juniata Penn State
Penn State Invitational
  New Haven Endicott
  St. Francis NYU
  Vassar Springfield
Feb. 4 George Mason Quincy
  George Mason Lewis
  Juniata IPFW
Penn State Invitational
  Long Beach Penn State
  Harvard NJIT
Golden Dome Classic
  Southern Cal Rutgers-Newark
Golden Dome Classic
Feb. 7 Rutgers-Newark NYU
Feb. 8 New Haven Vassar
  Springfield E. Stroudsburg
Feb. 10 George Mason Rutgers-Newark
  New Haven Hilbert
MIT Tournament
  New Haven PCB
MIT Tournament
  Penn State Ohio State
Hall of Fame Classic
  Stanford Springfield
Hall of Fame Classic
  Princeton St. Francis
  Stevens Tech Juniata
  Vassar Endicott
Feb. 11 New Haven Bard
MIT Tournament
  New Haven MIT
MIT Tournament
  NYU St. Francis
  Penn State Stanford
Hall of Fame Classic
  Ohio State Springfield
Hall of Fame Classic
  Princeton Juniata
  Sacred Heart Rutgers-Newark
  Vassar Harvard
Feb. 14 Mercyhurst St. Francis
Feb. 15 Harvard Rivier
  Mt. Olive Springfield
  New Haven Sacred Heart
  NJIT E. Stroudsburg
Mar. 9 New Haven Sacred Heart
  Stevens Tech E. Stroudsburg
Mar. 10 Harvard Vassar
  St. Francis Princeton
Mar. 11 Harvard E. Stroudsburg
  NJIT Cal. Baptist
Mar. 13 NJIT Newman
Mar. 14 Rutgers-Newark Cal Baptist
  Vassar E. Stroudsburg
Mar. 15 George Mason U.C. San Diego
  Harvard Sacred Heart
  NJIT Hope International
Mar. 16 George Mason Cal Baptist
Mar. 17 New Haven York
York Tournament
  Rutgers-Newark Brigham Young
Long Beach State Bash
  Sacred Heart Vassar
Mar. 18 E. Stroudsburg Harvard
  George Mason UCLA
  Juniata Princeton
  Mt. Olive St. Francis
  New Haven York
York Tournament
  Penn State NYU
  Rutgers-Newark Long Beach
Long Beach State Bash
Mar. 19 Juniata NYU
Mar. 21 NYU Rutgers-Newark
  Sacred Heart Springfield
Mar. 22 NJIT New Haven
  Ohio State Penn State
Mar. 23 St. Francis George Mason
Mar. 24 Juniata Springfield
  NJIT Sacred Heart
  St. Francis Rutgers-Newark
Apr. 14 Penn State IPFW
  Rutgers-Newark Loyola-Chicago
Apr. 15 E. Stroudsburg New Haven
  Juniata George Mason
  NJIT Harvard
  Penn State Ball State
  Rutgers-Newark IPFW
Apr. 22 TBA TBA
EIVA Quarterfinals
Apr. 27 TBA TBA
EIVA Final Four
EIVA Semi-Finals
Apr. 29 TBA TBA
EIVA Finals
May. 4 TBA TBA
NCAA Championship
May. 6 TBA TBA
NCAA Championship
May. 3 Penn State 1 UC-Irvine 3 7:00 pm
Game Scores: 25-30, 22-30, 30-26, 23-30